Birch + Vas is a collection of Nutritive, feel-good, artisanal body, skin, and grooming products crafted for a more Confident, pure & healthier presence, formulated by Leland J. Mack Jr. Each product is crafted with precision and beneficial purpose by selecting all natural, essential ingredients that brings your body and skin regimen to its full potential. Birch + Vas creates infusions that brings out the best version of you. Packaged and produced in both the Midwest and Brooklyn, New York, Birch + Vas speaks to the unique needs of each customer and enhances your personal care routines.


The inception of Birch + Vas began several years ago during an exchange of dialogue between a group of #BeardedBlackMen. Discussing challenges to maintaining healthy body and skin coupled with insights on how to maximize the natural presence of both men and women, would later ignite the all-encompassing collection we now offer worldwide. Initially thinking that we did not have to be attentive to our grooming presence (healthy beards and vibrant) because it appeared natural, and without many skin issues, it was discovered that personal care deserved to be a part of our everyday lives. It was then, that Leland embarked on a journey of utilizing natural remedies for simplistic issues like Razor Bumps, hair fullness and strength amongst other things. 

Years later, after diligent research into natural beauty and skincare, Leland began producing natural remedies to address the issues of family and friends around him, finding that all things original served  as a great benefit when used for their powerful, natural properties. Thus, inspired by the concept of Origins, he gave birth to "Birch + Vas" (short for a variety of natural things), making it available to the world, because everyone deserves to experience the magnitude of feeling pure.

Birch + Vas is the culmination of great consideration, naturally sourced ingredients, and personal care identity that everyone can resonate with. From crafting unique formulas, to concept packaging that embeds the heart of its brand, and incorporating eco-friendly, conscious factors. Birch + Vas thrives in providing purity and confidence in the temple (body) we showcase every day of our lives.


Leland J Mack, is a Brooklyn, NY native who has traveled the world and has infused his cultural experiences into every ounce and drop of the Birch + Vas brand, striving to help people meet and keep the best-of-breed version of themselves. A creative and innovative force, Leland has expanded his artistry, intellect, and entrepreneurial platforms, but now at the center of his purpose, is his commitment to developing personal care as a engaging lifestyle. . . naturally.

Welcome to Birch + Vas.