The Birch & Vas Beard Flow Protocol

Our Detoxify + Cleanse Beard wash is designed to cleanse your beard, while removing toxins from it with the Activated Coconut Charcoal properties. It's extremely soothing, and hydrates your beard, maintaining your beard's fullness, soft and healthy profile. Apply our Birch Beard Wash to your wet beard. Gently massage it into your beard thoroughly (rub it in like Royalty). Use approximately 1 - 2 times per week.



Take your Beard to higher levels by using our Hydrate + Restore Birch Beard Conditioner. Naturally crafted to aid in repairing damaged hair from the ordinary "beard and tear". The conditioner serves as another step in the beard routine (in between beard washes) to create a softer, moisturized, and shiny beard; making your face crown easier to manage.  

Work our Birch Beard Conditioner through the palm of your hands and thoroughly into your beard. Be sure to be attentive to conditioning the end strands of your beard. Leave it in your beard for 2 - 5 minutes, and then rinse.



Beard oils are a key component to your grooming regimen. To use our Beard Oils effectively, you'll want to begin with a clean, slightly-damped (but mostly dry beard). This can be shortly after a shower or one of your routine beard wash sessions.
Use the dropper to place 3-5 drops (up to 8 for dense beards) into your hands, then firmly massage it into your beard. For Maximum Performance, start massaging at the base of your beard, and rub the oil throughout and towards the endpoints of your beard hairs. While doing so, remember to let the oil penetrate your underlying skin layers, this is key to beard growth, keeping your skin beneath it fully healthy and hydrated. If you frequent harsh climates, consider adding a Mid-Day Beard Flow Session; it does magic.

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